Protest and Movement Against Water Pollution

clean water

The scarcity of water is already alarming. Our bodies of water fit for drinking has diminished appallingly over the years. The signs and side effects of water pollution are already felt by many countries around the world. These alerted organizations and movement against water pollution to take radical action to prevent more damage to our water resources. There have been types of market research that prove that if we don’t take action now, we will reach a point of no return.

Clean Water Movement

The clean water movement started their work 40 years ago. They have made a huge difference in how the public view water crisis as a world epidemic issue. The clean water movement targeted traffic and compelled government agencies to hunt down companies and organizations responsible for massive damage to our water resources. They intelligently involved civilians to be part of their movement by allowing them to anonymously report individuals, private companies, and a large group of companies who are violating the law against water pollution.

Project WET Awareness Programs

clean waterProject WET targets the younger generation by educating them about water pollution. The organizers believe that the younger generation will have a crucial part in preserving our water resources. Project WET works with schools and educators by providing them with sufficient materials for teaching youth and children. Their hard work recharge vodafone and inspired the education sectors to step up and be part of the solution.

Water Aid and Charity Water

Water Aid and Charity Water strive to help impoverished countries to have access to clean drinking water while educating the societies they help about the importance of water. They effectively proved how our lives going to be like when water becomes scarce through documenting countries where water is elusive. It’s a scary thought that one day we will yearn for the days where water was abundant. Kudos to these organizations who gave their all in creating awareness to the public while helping other communities.

GWC “Global Water Challenge”

GWC works with other organization who has the same goal. They unite movements against water pollution and ignite the fire to fight back against violators. Aside from their education programs related to water sustainability, they also monitor WASH success rate. The results of their hard work are impressive. Today, GWC serves as a hub for concerned citizens and empower them to take action.

You can Make a Difference

The organizations and movements mentioned above have made an impact on the area of water conservation and preservation. You don’t need to be part of any organization to be part of the solution. You can make a difference in your own way by starting how you consume water at home. You may think that water is abundant and infinite, but the truth is, we are already facing scarcity. Water is a gift, cherish it.