How can we help your cause?

You may volunteer in our events during visits to different cities to spread awareness. We also accept donations. Another simple way to help is to spread the word to all the people you know.

What’s the focus of your organization?

The focus of our organization evolves around water pollution awareness, water conservation at home, and fight against companies breaking the law of illegal chemical waste dumping.

If I know a company who illegally dumps waste to the sea, who should I call?

If you know a company who breaks the law and keep on polluting the sea, call the local authorities. Don’t worry, your identity can be kept anonymous.

What activities I can be involved in?

Every year we conduct seminars in different parts of the cities tackling about issues surrounding in water standards in the Netherlands. Please register, and you’ll get an invite.

Do you support organization aiming to provide clean drinking water to impoverished countries?

Definitely. The reason why IDSW exist is to ensure that we’ll have a sustainable future by preserving our nature and to also help people who are in need of clean drinking water. We may not actively present to support those organizations, but we send our support through financial aid and spreading the word.

How can we send our donation?

Donations can be sent via bank transfer or via PayPal.