About Us

IDSW stands for Information Desk standards Water. Our organization has a big mission to ensure that water will be preserved for the next generation. IDSW used to operate in a small office with a few staff. We have worked hard to bring people to support our mission by making them realize that our resources are finite. Our research is backed by experts in the field. Needless to say, we don’t need figures or data to prove that our resources are depreciating. But somehow, we were corrupted by always focusing on our needs instead of appreciating the gift that has been made available to us. Over the years of our service, we have educated thousands of families, rivers were freed of plastics and garbage, illegal waste dumping lowered to 12%, and made researches about water quality that aided in water standards.


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Be Part of The Solution


IDSW has been providing resources made available to the public and private sectors. Our research team continues to explore water quality issues which are significant to wellness and health of residents of every region. We continuously seek solutions to these issues. However, we cannot do this alone. Please read on to the resources on our website and apply them to your household. Not only you are part of the solution, but you can also save. The impact of every home working together in preserving water is enormous and is crucial to our future. Don’t belittle simple change for it sparks a big ray of light that will shine through the dark.