Our Mission

People need to wake up and stop ignoring the obvious damage we are causing to our natural resources. The bodies of water are contaminated with harmful chemicals due to irresponsible waste dumping. All of these have to stop, or else, it would be too late. Our mission is to preserve the purity of the bodies of water in the Netherlands. Our mission is vast in nature and is crucial to this nation’s future. But no matter hard we work to carry out this mission, we can’t do this alone. We need concern citizens to stand up for the cause. We all need to work as one and do something before its too late.

Water Conservation

Every day a city could consume a river of water. We take water for granted because it seems that we have plenty of it. But water is not a finite source. It gets dried up, consumed, contaminated, and wasted. There have been organizations helping to promote water conservation across the country. They developed technology such as motion detectors in faucets and toilets. They have also found a way to recycle water in such a state-of-the-art fashion. But according to statistics, these changes could are not significant if people will not learn to conserve water in their own home. Conservation is a habit and respect for our resources. Imagine the people who have no access to clean drinking water, yet here we are, wasting water.

Movement Against Water Pollution

Bodies of water are getting polluted every year, and it’s not stopping. It’s getting worst. Marine animals species decline in numbers. A test was made to see the presence of chemicals in our ocean, the experts found a shocking revelation. They found hundred different man-made chemicals mixed into the sea water. This is a sad truth that we need to face. Our nature is not getting better anymore. Though nature is resilient, it may cease to fight death. These chemicals found their way to the ocean through waterways which are directly connected to oceans. Illegal dumping of waste is banned; however, there are still companies out there who managed to do this despite the illegality of these activities. We encourage our website visitors to fight against these shameless companies by increasing the weight of punishment by law.

Working Together For a Sustainable Future

Information Desk standards Water aims to ensure that the future will be sustainable with clean water. It’s easy to deny the facts about pollution, but without people who will make the move, the future generation will suffer. We don’t want Earth to be a complete wasteland. Let’s work together for a sustainable future. Help us make the change today, so our tomorrow would have hope. A simple change at home can do so much. Share our site to your family, friends, and those who care. When people stand together as one, nothing is impossible. We’ve been moving mountains long before we knew, we can do this.